About us

The name Bush Junkies came from a poem Roger Owen who sadly passed away in March 2024. He once wrote...


The flat black vein points needle sharp to the distant haze and draws me till I run to the wild lands where human voices do not stir, and I, like some junkie, get my fix from the slow creep of dawn, the rough saw of the passing leopard, and the wild song of the fish eagle

But is this life? Is it? There, on the other side of the hill, where, always beyond our gaze, The sun shines brightly on lilting, grassy fields? Or do I pursue a shadow, a flight of fantasy? Perhaps.... and yet I will be less if I do not.

Bush Junkies Safaris owes its very existence to the late Roger Owen. We met while traveling through Zimbabwe many years ago and we became good friends from then. He is the original Bush Junkie and he inspired and motivated me in so many ways. I will always remember him and grateful that he led me on this wonderful journey.

A bit about me-Tony Horn

Africa, its people, places, and stunning wildlife has had me spellbound since I first arrived on these shores back in 1971. I loved the outdoors then as a child and that love has never diminished

I am a registered National Tour Guide (FS0035) and have had the privilege of taking clients from all over the world to discover this country I call home, many of these people have become friends and have been on numerous tours with me. I enjoy hosting people and I discover more of my country through their passion and enthusiasm.

I have worked in the private game lodge industry and feel at home whenever I am close to nature.

I undertake tours throughout the country not only focusing on its wildlife but also on the people, history, and culture.

I have had the joy of exploring much of the sub-Saharan regions, learning the history and culture. I discovered beauty not only in the amazing landscapes and wildlife but also by the people who live and work there.

I too continue to be that Junkie who is drawn to that distant haze.