Bush Junkies

Almost all our safaris are based around wildlife viewing - we love the scream of the eagle, the stately stroll of the giraffe, the roar of the lion, the inscrutability of the leopard and the whoop of the hyaena at night. We find inspiration in the flashing beauty of the lilac-breasted roller, the bounding herds of antelope and the magnificence of the African elephant! For this we take you to some of the finest game reserves in the world, not just to the famous places like Kruger Park and Chobe Game Reserve, but also to many less well-known, but fascinating and spectacular places, often off the beaten track and away from the crowds - places where adventures await.

Southern Africa is a land of "big sky". We love to experience the vast openness, the wild and desolate places, the pitch dark, star-splashed nights, carved canyons, towering sand dunes, sweeping vistas stretching to the far horizon, yellow grassy plains, tumbling rock formations and thundering waterfalls. We sit wrapped in silence watching awe-inspiring sunsets, clasp steaming coffee mugs with chilled fingers as the sun rises colouring brilliantly the distant rocky hills... Is there anywhere so magical as wild Africa?

We get "up close and personal" with elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, hippo, crocodile and dozens of other species on early morning and late afternoon-evening game drives; we enjoy susnset boat cruises, hot air balloon rides, wild dog, rhino and cheetah tracking, mountain-bike or horseback game rides, guided game walks, white water rafting and other adrenalin-rush activities, bush breakfasts and dinners under the stars!

Bush Junkies Bloemfontein

Tony runs our Bloemfontein section and has recently won the regional Lilizela award for tour guiding. We offer transfers from Johannesburg to the Free State and to Lesotho as well as local tours and outings. These include excellent city tours of Bloemfontein and day trips to Kimberley, Maseru and Bethulie. Other tours include many historical and cultural sites such as Anglo Boer War battlefields and concentration camps and places like Thaba Bosui, the ‘birthplace” of the Basotho nation. We also offer tours which will include wildlife and birding destinations in the region.

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  Places we love to visit

  • Madikwe Game reserve

    An outstanding game reserve with a wide variety of game; excellent sightings of lion, elephant and wild dog are frequent. The reserve has numerous wonderful lodges and all game drives are in open vehicles.

  • The Venda Village, Lesheba

    Hidden in a secluded valley high up in the Soutpansberg mountains - it's just different - and beautiful! It is full of designs and sculptures by a renowned South African artist from the Venda tribe, Noria Mabasa. Below, giraffe, rhino, zebra etc. wander the plains.

  • Big 5 Pilansberg Game Reserve (Air)

    Hot air ballooning at dawn over the big 5 Pilansberg Game Reserve near Sun City! Life looks different from up there!!

  • Tuli Block - Botswana

    This isolated corner of Botswana is home to a wonderful array of wildlife - elephant and all the big cats abound. The scenery is wild and spectacular in places, the lodges are excellent and there seems to be something unique around every corner. Game drives there are almost always memorable. In addition the adventurous can go on guided mountain bike rides as well as horseback rides (experts only) through big 5 territory - that should get the adrenaline pumping for the junkies. Also usually available are game drives with experts who are studying the local predators, or elephants, and who can give us fascinating insights into the creatures they are researching. Truly worthwhile!

  • Kalahari Trails bush camp

    If you want total isolation and spectacular night skies (with the Kalagadi Transfrontier Park only 20 minutes away) and you don't mind a little less luxury, this is spectacular. A walk with the owner, Prof Anne, over the red dunes is a fascinating and amazingly informative experience. The Kalagadi is a magnificent desert park with lion, cheetah, wild cat, suricates, jackals and foxes as well as the ubiquitous Springbok and Gemsbok (oryx) the most commonly seen animals. It is also raptor heaven for birdlovers.

  • The Mapungubwe National Park

    The surrounding areas offer a wonderful variety of activities: visit the Mapungubwe World Heritage site where the forerunners of Great Zimbabwe set up their civilization 800 years ago; go wild dog, lion or cheetah (on foot) tracking at nearby reserves; see the spectacular rock formations of Mapungubwe, Verreaux (black) eagles often overhead, and the meeting point of 3 countries as you go on your game drive through the park. The park camps are excellent if you are happy to cater for yourself and not far away is the excellent Mopane Bush Lodge.

  • Chobe River (Boat ride)

    In the winter months huge herds of elephant flock to the river every afternoon and you will get within a few metres of these wonderful creatures, as well as hippo, crocodile, buffalo, lechwe, puku and a huge variety of birds. It is crowded but is still an unforgettable wildlife experience.

There are so many more wonderful places, and it is impossible to list them all. It is with the above activities and places in mind that we tailor-make for you your own personal African safari!